Brow Essentials Kit


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Nobody needs to suffer with quarantine brows! The Brow Essentials Kit is all you need to groom your brows and have them looking on fleek again:

  • Professional grade tweezers
  • Tint and oxidizer
  • mascara wands to apply tint
  • plastic cups to mix tint
  • Brow Envy brow pencil
  • Bonus: Hadaka under eye mask

The kit contains enough tint to last thru the COVID-19 pandemic, we've got you covered!

How to Use

Tinting instructions:

  • Using the plastic cup in your kit, dispense 1cm worth of tint. Dispense the same amount of oxidant
  • Use the clean mascara wand to mix it all together
  • Apply to your brows using the same mascara wand, and leave it on for 7-10 minutes. 
  • Wipe a small amount of the tint off using a damp cotton pad to check colour. If the tint isn't dark enough, reapply and leave on for a few minutes more. If you're happy with the colour, wipe it all off and you're done!

Tweezing tips:

  • Remember your proportions. Draw an imaginary line from the inner corner of your eye up, that's the start of your brows. Draw an imaginary line from the side of your nostril, up past the outer corner of your eye, that's the end of your brows. Draw an imaginary line from your nostril, up through between your pupil and edge of your iris, that's your arch.
  • If you're unsure, stay away from the hard line of your shape. Clean up obvious stray hairs, but leave the defining hairs alone. 

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