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Epillyss Carrioff - Ingrown Hair Treatment

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An effective treatment to prevent ingrown hairs ÉPILLYSS CARRiOFF is designed to eliminate ingrown hairs throughout the body, including the groin, bikini area, underarms and chin. ÉPILLYSS CARRiOFF acts by moisturizing and exfoliating the skin, facilitating the hair’s emergence from the skin so it can be easily removed. Ingrown hairs are a common problem for women and men alike. Thanks to CARRiOFF’s powerful yet gentle formula, results are noticeable quickly. You can treat bumps, calm burns from hair removal treatments or shaving, and, of course, prevent and treat ingrown hairs.

Apply as a spot treatment twice daily as needed. Stop using 2-3 days prior to a wax to avoid irritation. Can be used in combination with an exfoliant like THE SCRUB in the shower. Exfoliate as normal, pat the area dry, and apply carrioff to the affected ingrown hairs. 

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