Here’s What Your Fall Skincare Routine is Missing!

Here’s What Your Fall Skincare Routine is Missing!

Hey babes! There’s a lot to get excited about for the fall season, but as those warm and muggy days change to crisp mornings and cooler nights, the way our skin reacts to the temperature changes too! In the cooler months, the air becomes dryer inside and outside, so your skin starts losing its moisture and that’s when increased sensitivity, irritation and dryness occurs! YUCK. That’s why it’s crucial to change up your skincare routine once autumn rolls around so you don’t risk losing all the moisture in your skin. Here are some products we’re absolutely loving for the fall! 

  1. The Pout and The Polish by Bare Essentials

Of course our own products are going to make the list! It’s super important to protect your lips from the cold weather because they can really dry up quickly. None of you want flaky lips, do you? NO. That’s why our lip scrub and balm are the perfect two items to add to your daily routine. The Pout gently exfoliates all the dry skin off your lips while The Polish nourishes and protects the fresh skin. Both are made with peppermint oil, so they have a plumping effect that will leave your lips extra kissable! Click here to shop these products now! 

  1. Fitglow Day & Night Essence Duo

Nourishing your skin during the cooler months is necessary. Fitglow hydrates, restores and protects your skin all day long! That’s why we seriously can’t get enough of it. The Day Essence has a deeply-hydrating formula that shields your skin from blue light pollution and environmental stressors. It’ll also help improve any hyperpigmentation. The Night Essence focuses on the 3 R’s — restore, reset and renew. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed with plump, smooth skin. Pair this with a thick moisturizer of your choice and your skin will be ready to take on the super cold weather! Shop Fitglow here.

  1. Salt & Stone Sunscreen

Just because our beach days and tanning sessions are behind us doesn’t mean you should stop using sunscreen! Your skin needs protection from the sun all year round. UV radiation accelerates and increases the risk of skin cancer and we encourage everyone to add a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to their daily skincare routine. Salt & Stone is a great suncare brand. The formula they use is known to calm red, irritated skin with its anti-inflammatory blend of natural herbal extracts, which is perfect for those super cold days. It also hydrates dry rough skin as it protects you from the sun. YES! Shop Salt & Stone here

  1. Nana + Livy Bath Salts

Okay, who doesn’t love a good bath during the colder months? If you don’t normally take baths, you’ll definitely want to after reading about these incredible bath salts by Nana + Livy. We LOVE them! We all know what it’s like to have a super tiring and stressful day, especially in the kind of world we live in where the pandemic is affecting so many aspects of our lives. The bath salts are designed to nourish your skin and calm your body. They have three different kinds: Charcoal, Citrus and Rose. Each offers a slightly different therapeutic experience, but all of them include ingredients that will moisturize and cleanse your skin. Don’t know about you, but we’re already feeling relaxed just reading about them! Take a closer look here

That’s all we have for you! These products would make amazing additions to your existing skincare routine and will have you feeling prepared for the cooler months ahead. If you decide to give any of them a try, make sure to message us on Instagram or Facebook to let us know how much you loved them! Until next time, beauties! Stay healthy and hydrated.

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