Irritating Ingrowns: How to Treat and Prevent

Irritating Ingrowns: How to Treat and Prevent

There are lots of reasons why you may experience bumps and irritations after waxing, or shaving for that matter. A lot of these irritations are caused by ingrown hairs, which appear as bumps on the skin. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and are usually somewhat painful. They are caused when the hair begins to grow back after waxing, but for whatever reason (dead skin sitting over the follicle for example) it cannot push out and instead continues to grow underneath the skin, creating a bump. Check out the picture below for an example of what happens:

These bumps can be pretty unsightly, especially if you were looking forward to smooth, hair free skin. But there are ways to help cure ingrowns!

Preventing ingrowns post-wax is actually very simple! A great tip is to exfoliate your skin a couple of times a week with a sugar scrub, this will help keep dead skin cells away from the hair follicles. Chemical exfoliants that contain AHA and BHA are also very effective in preventing and treating ingrown hairs!

What’s our favourite one-two-punch? Our very own “The Scrub” Sugar Scrubs and Epillyss Carrioff Ingrown Hair Treatment. Link in bio to shop online!

THE SCRUB,  our line of sugar scrubs that are paraben and sulfate free they also do not contain any synthetic dyes. Since our scrubs contain natural ingredients, they spread really well so they last forever and come in eight different scents to fit all tastes. What’s better, they are packed with coconut oil which is a great moisturizer and will leave your skin feeling soft all day. These will help slough away the dead skin cells and prevent the hair from getting caught beneath the skin. It will also help to treat any hair that may be stuck under the skin.

Carrioff is hands down one of the best ingrown hair treatments! Our clients who’ve tried this bump-busting gel rave about its effectiveness at reducing and preventing ingrown hairs—especially stubborn ones. Carrioff enlists a combo of salicylic and glycolic acids to exfoliate the skin allowing existing ingrown hairs to exit the skin more easily. Regular use is KEY in preventing new ingrowns from forming!

The combination of scrubbing and Carrioff will have those nasty bumps cleared up in no time!

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