Say Hello to Our New Laser Machine

Say Hello to Our New Laser Machine

Laser hair removal has always been a popular service at Waxonomy, and there’s no question as to why that is! I mean, who doesn’t want to be silky smooth all the time? 

We’ve always had great reviews for the Lightsheer Duet machine we currently use at the salons, but we have a little surprise! We just received our BRAND NEW laser hair removal machine, the Splendor X, at our Waterloo location. 

Works on ALL skin tones

There are a few reasons why the arrival of this new machine should excite you, and we’re about to tell you. This laser machine works with BLEND X technology, which allows us to treat ALL skin tones (yes, even darker skin tones - yay)! 

Quicker results

It also gets rid of hair a lot quicker than our current machine, meaning you may not even need as many sessions to get rid of your hair. That’s going to make your permanent hair removal journey so much better! 

Targets finer hair too

The Splendor X can also target some peach fuzz and lighter hairs that our other machine can’t properly get rid of. So, if you’ve noticed some peach fuzz growing back in areas even after getting laser hair removal, this machine will zap it all away!

Cooling technology

This machine actually has cooling technology built into it, which means while the laser is burning your hair follicle, the machine is also pushing cool air onto your skin to help reduce any pain or discomfort. 

The Splendor X does all sorts of things apart from removing hair…but we’ll keep the details to ourselves right now (sorry not sorry)! Don’t worry though, we’ll tell you soon. Expect a lot more exciting services to be offered at Waxonomy by the end of the year!

This machine will only be available at Waterloo for right now, but we do plan on eventually bringing it to Guelph! This also doesn’t replace our current laser machine, as both options will be available at different price-points.

If you’d like to know more about what the Splendor X can do for your laser hair removal, check out this video made by Lumenis, or watch our latest laser TikTok for the quick highlights!

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