Spray Tanning Pre and Post Care Information

Spray Tanning Pre and Post Care Information

Spray Tan Prep

  • Before your appointment, exfoliate and shower. Exfoliating will help remove dead skin cells, which will reveal fresh skin that is primed and ready to absorb the spray tan solution evenly and deeply. This means that you'll have a more even tan for longer.

  • Ensure any hair removal is done 24 hours prior to your tan.

  • On the day of your appointment, ensure your skin is free from moisturizer, deodorant and make up

  • We also recommend wearing comfortable, loose clothing to avoid any rubbing or smudging of the spray tan. 

Showering Instructions 

  • If you have chosen the Classic St Tropez mist, it is recommended that you wait 4-8 hours before showering. This will allow your tan to fully develop.  If you do shower less than recommended time, the tan will be much lighter than anticipated and will not last as long.

  • If you have chosen the St Tropez Express Mist, this spray tan solution allows you to choose your depth of tan. Rinse off the Express Mist after: 1 hour for a Light Sunkissed Glow, 2 hours for a Medium Tan and 3 hours for a Deep, Dark Bronze.

  •  Avoid working out or any activity that requires excessive sweating before rising showering. Simply put, you will have lines left from the water/sweat streaking down your skin and that will be difficult to fix by simply showering.

  • When showering do not use any exfoliators to ensure that you don’t scrub off the tan. We recommend using a washcloth or your hands to apply your body wash.

  • Once out of the shower pat your skin dry, do not rub. 

After Care

  • Please be aware that exercise and sweat can fade your tan faster, especially if your clothing is tight. 

  • Be aware that spending any time in a hot tub, swimming pool, or the ocean—or even taking a long hot bath—can cause your tan to prematurely fade.

  • Do not use aerosol or oil-based sunscreen! The chemicals in them will ruin your Airbrush Spray Tan. We recommend that you use a waterproof lotion sunscreen

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