The Best Black Friday Deals Yet!

The Best Black Friday Deals Yet!

Okay Bare babes, it’s time for us to announce something really exciting! You might want to sit down before we tell you what it is...OUR BLACK FRIDAY DEALS. Yup, that’s right! You better be ready to grab your purse and credit card because our Black Friday deals are running that entire week! You’ll have from November 22 to November 27 to save on all our Laser hair removal packages. 

Before we get into listing all of our crazy deals, let’s chat about all things laser. Trust us, you’ll want to keep reading if you are new to laser hair removal and thinking about using Black Friday to try it out. For starters, why should you even book with us? Sure, there are LOTS of other spas that offer laser hair removal but this is why we’re special: The LightSheer Duet. This machine uses a diode laser, which is specifically designed for hair removal. It works on all skin types, including those with melanin-rich complexions! This means all you dark skinned beauties can enjoy this treatment too! Another reason why we love this machine so much is because it allows us to treat those bigger areas quicker. With other models of laser, like the IPL machines, treatments could reach an hour or more for just one area...and NO ONE has the time for that! The LightSheer has two hand pieces, the HS and ET. The HS is great for covering large areas while the ET is amazing at spot treating and getting into those harder-to-reach areas if you know what we mean.

Now you’re probably all thinking: “Okay, that’s great and all but why else is this machine so great?” We’re glad you asked! Our HS handpiece has an integrated vacuum that gently pulls your skin into it and stretches the skin into the machine. This allows the laser to reach the hair follicle more directly because the follicle is now closer to the energy source. This means better results and less touch ups for you! IPL machines might be cheaper than diode machines however diode laser hair removal is proven to be the safest, fastest and most effective way for patients of all skin tones and hair colours. 

Now that we’ve briefed you on the amazing benefits of the LightSheer laser machine, we can get to the good stuff! PROMOTIONS. This is our biggest sale of the year and while we would love to help every single one of you, we only have so many estheticians and machines! If you are wanting to book, try to call us during the first few days of the sale to avoid disappointment. Here are just some of the amazing deals we’ll be offering:

For Women


Regular: $750

SALE: $650


Regular: $500

SALE: $400

Extended Bikini:

Regular: $650

SALE: $520

Full Legs:

Regular: $1500

SALE: $1000

Upper Lip and Chin:

Regular: $450

SALE: $325

Full Face:

Regular: $700

SALE: $500


Regular: $375

SALE: $250

Brazilian + underarms:

Regular: $1000

SALE: $900

Brazilian + full legs:

Regular: $2000

SALE: $1500

For Men

Full Back: 

Regular: $1500

SALE: $1000


Regular: $750

SALE: $650


Regular: $350

SALE: $315

Before you book any of these services, we highly suggest all clients new to laser hair removal to book a FREE consultation with Sara! She’ll help you find the right package for you and answer any questions you have! We have SO many more packages on sale that aren’t listed above, so if you’re looking for a particular package that we haven’t listed above, please contact Sara using the email:
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