Top Tips to Alleviate Post-Wax Pain!

Top Tips to Alleviate Post-Wax Pain!

Hey Bare Babes!


It’s no secret that waxing is… less than comfortable. I mean, really - you’re ripping your hair out by the root with warmed wax. Just the sound of the process may turn you off from it. It’s easy to shave day in and day out, buying razor after razor hoping you don’t accidentally slip and nic and artery…


When I put it like that, doesn’t waxing just sound like it’s worth the quick rip of pain? Because it totally and completely is! There are ways to make sure that the pain of waxing is minimized after the fact, and even before the appointment!


First and foremost, the best way to minimize pain is to make it part of your regular routine. Sure, the first few are going to be less than pleasant, but once you get on a good schedule (once every 4 to 6 weeks), you will find that it barely phases you. Your skin builds a kind of toughness and you know what to expect.


More immediately though, you can take an Advil 30 minutes before your appointment. It’s not going to give you a painless wax, but it will help to take the edge off after your appointment. Do not take Tylenol! It has blood thinning qualities, and that is something that can increase your chances of bruising and other post wax complications. We have clients that swear by a glass of wine or a shot of some kind, but we can’t speak to the effectiveness of alcohol!


We highly recommend wearing comfy clothes when you come in for your appointment. Specifically your underwear. Friends, a thong is not the way to go when you’re getting your first ever wax. Spandex without elastic leg holes is the way to go. Nothing too tight that will rub against your freshly waxed skin. There is no shame in granny panties for your comfort after a wax!


There are pre-wax numbing creams you can use. While it is totally your choice to invest in one of these, I should tell you that our appointments are quick. We can do a female brazilian in 15 minutes or less… so unless you’re sitting at home with the numbing cream on for the recommended 45 minutes (in most cases), this may not be worth it. We tell most people to give it a go without the first time and then decide after that is investing in a numbing cream is something you want to do. In most cases, it’s not nearly as bad as you think it’s going to be!


Another thing that will help is trying to relax. I know, I know - it’s much, much easier said than done. But as I mentioned before, our appointments are quick. You will be in and out before you know it! Try to focus on having a conversation with your esthetician or whatever you think will best help you calm down. The more tense you are, the more you will focus on the pain. Don’t forget to breathe!


If you’re feeling a little tender after your appointment, you can try applying a cool compress when you get home. This will help to alleviate any discomfort and bring down any swelling that may have occurred. Minor swelling and bleeding follicles are normal after your first few waxes and will lessen once you start coming regularly. Avoid doing any activities that could cause chaffing the in the area - exercise is a culprit of this. Give the area a ‘cooling’ period of about 24 hours before resuming those kinds of activities. You can also apply aloe or vitamin E cream to help bring some relief to the area.


And, if for whatever reason you’re still feeling sore a few hours later, try taking some other form of pain relief. It is EXTREMELY rare for a wax to cause discomfort more than a few hours later, so if it’s been a while and you’re still having pain, take a quick check to make sure everything looks okay. From time to time, bruising or lifting can occur and cause some discomfort. If you notice anything is off, give us a shout and we can direct you further.

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