Waxing Pre and Post Care Information

Waxing Pre and Post Care Information

Before you come in for your first wax:

  • Leave 2-3 weeks worth of growth from your last shave. If you trim regularly, ensure the hair is about 1/4′ long (about the length of a grain of rice). While we can wax hair that is shorter than that, we cannot guarantee a thorough service.
  • Wear comfortable clothing. Some people may experience irritation after waxing, so this will ensure you’re as comfortable as possible.
  • If you have never trimmed or shaved the area, just leave the hair as is! Most times people trim the hair too short and are disappointed when we’re not able to get the shorter ones.

After your wax:

  • The next day, you will want to use an exfoliator on the area. This will help with any bumps or ingrowns caused by waxing. If you don’t have one, we sell After Care Kits that include an exfoliator, exfoliating mitt and ingrown treatment. We also sell the exfolitor and ingrown treatment by themselves. For more information, ask your aesthetician.
  • You will want to avoid excessive heat and rubbing for a few hours after waxing. Working out or hot showers for example will irritate the area and make you more prone to ingrowns and bumps.
  • If your follicles seem irritated or are bleeding, this is normal for first time waxers. You can apply vitamin E cream or Aloe to help ease the irritation. After exfoliating the next day, make sure you moisturize the area, the irritation should be gone by then.
  • Exfoliating and moisturizing every time you shower will help keep the area free of irritations an avoid excess dryness between waxes.
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Need more information?

Check out our frequently asked questions and our aftercare page for more information!