What Is a Vajacial?

What Is a Vajacial?

Vajacials have taken the self-care and waxing industries by storm this year as more and more people are looking to show their bikini area some extra TLC. Now, it may sound a bit silly, but we urge you not to write this amazing service off quite yet. They’re actually one of our favourite services (we hope to be offering these soon), and there’s so many reasons why. 

If you’ve been seeing the term “vajacial” everywhere but still have no idea exactly what it is, don’t fret! We’re here to give you all the details of what a vajacial is and why it can be beneficial. 

What is a vajacial?

You’ve most likely heard of a regular facial before. A vajacial follows the same level of care and detail, but instead of focusing on your face, it shows attention to your vulva (aka your bikini area). 

Just like a regular facial, it typically includes a cleanse, extractions of ingrown hairs, followed by a custom mask and a serum to keep the area healthy, clean, and looking its absolute best.

What does a vajacial do?

The list of why you should get a vajacial is endless. It’s an extremely beneficial service, and your Brazilian wax really wouldn’t be complete without one. Your vajacial will soothe, hydrate, brighten, and cleanse your bikini area. It’s a great add-on service to get done periodically to treat your skin. 

How do I book one at Waxonomy?

While we don't currently offer the full vajacial service (yet), you can still get a taste of what a vajacial is like by booking our hydrogel masks. All you have to do is head over to our online booking and add it onto your Brazilian wax. You can also call to book this service too! Unfortunately, this service cannot be booked alone. It must be booked with a Brazilian wax!

We hope you decide to give this service a try because you deserve some extra pampering, especially during the swimsuit season. Caring for your bikini area has never been easier to do — just book with us!

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