What To Expect As We Rebrand!

What To Expect As We Rebrand!

If you’re a new client of ours or maybe just haven’t been keeping up with our updates, we definitely have a few things to share with you. The biggest thing is our rebranding! Most of you have probably noticed that our salon in Waterloo is undergoing some changes as we prepare to grow and completely rebrand our company. Since all of the construction is starting to come to an end, we’re giving you a full list of the things you can expect to happen over the next couple of months as we begin to switch from Bare Essentials to Waxonomy. 

Final touches & decorating (WATERLOO)

The space next to us (also known as the salon we used to be in) is finishing the final stages of construction, which means there will be a day coming soon where the salon will be closed in order to knock down the wall between our two spaces to create one giant new salon! We’ll keep you updated through email, text, and social media on when this will be happening. 

We’re also going to be slowly decorating our space in the next few months, so be patient with us as our walls and rooms look a bit bare. This whole thing is a completely new process for us so things may be a bit messy as we move furniture around, add the finishing touches, and work hard to create the best salon for you.

Changes on social media & our website

We will be redirecting traffic from our original Bare Essentials website to the new one eventually, but for now we recommend using the temporary Waxonomy website for any latest prices, services, and online shopping. 

As for social media, things will look a bit different! Our logo, brand colours, and name will change in the next month or so. Again, we will send out an email when this will be implemented so we’ll all be able to transition smoothly. 

New look for products

You may have noticed that our scrubs have been low stock for the last few months, and that’s only because we’re getting ready to bring them back with a brand new look. Our Bare Essentials line will be getting a facelift, and coming back bigger and better than ever! We’re talking scrubs, lotions, lip products, and maybe even some new exciting products too (hint hint). 

What won’t change? 

Our quality of work will definitely not change when we transition to Waxonomy. We still take a lot of pride in our customer satisfaction, and want to ensure every single client leaves our salon happy. Our staff will remain the same, but we’ll have a bigger space in Waterloo to welcome some new exciting members to the team. Guelph’s team and salon (minus the company name) will remain the same as we begin to transition. 

This is a new journey for us, and we’re so excited to see it all come together. We’re glad you all are here to experience it with us, and we just want to thank all of you amazing clients for sticking with us while we change things up. Can’t wait for you to see what we’ve been working on!

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