Why Aren't We Using Loofahs?

Why Aren't We Using Loofahs?

A shower is supposed to leave you feeling clean and refreshed, but if you’re using a loofah, you’re definitely doing more harm than good. In fact, most dermatologists and estheticians advise against using one.

Why are loofahs bad for your skin?

When you’re scrubbing your skin with a loofah, it may seem like you’re giving yourself a really good exfoliation, but you’re actually just damaging your skin. Being too rough when exfoliating depletes the skin’s natural lipids, which are an important part of your skin’s protective barrier. This leaves your skin vulnerable to microbes and allergens. 

Loofahs are also extremely unsanitary. Think about it…you’re using it to clean a lot of intimate areas of your body, and then it just sits around in the warm and moist area of your shower, allowing bacteria to multiply. This creates the potential for skin irritations like red bumps, itchiness, and pimples. We know you don’t want that!

What are we using instead of a loofah?

We know how popular and affordable loofahs are, but it’s not your only option. Our Waxonomy salons sell an exfoliating mitt that works wonders! It’s gentle on your skin, while removing any dead skin buildup. The best part? It’s only $3! Just pair it with your favourite soap, and you’re good to go. 

Shop our exfoliating mitts at Waxonomy Waterloo and Guelph. Available in black and pink.

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