If buying a laser package:

The goal of this treatment is improvement not perfection. I understand there will be some hair left at the end of my treatments. The amount of hair that is remaining will be relative to the fluence (energy) I can tolerate, the colour, amount, and location of my hair. Average loss at the end of consecutive sessions is 65-95% less hair.

Up to 20% of the population does not respond to any laser or light treatments. This cannot be determined until after the second treatment. If this were to happen to me, I understand that Waxonomy reserves the right to assess and determine the value of the refund, if any. 

There may be more treatments necessary than I anticipated. 

All sales are final. I agree to pay the fee quoted and understand that all fees quoted are non-refundable and non-transferable between locations or to different body parts. 

I have had the process thoroughly explained to me and have gone through a laser hair removal consultation. I understand the potential benefits and complications and willingly agree to undergo laser treatments to reduce my body hair.

I agree to start the package within one year of its purchase date and to complete the package within one year of my first session. Exceptions can be made due to pregnancy or any medical conditions.

If not buying a laser package:

Please disregard this step. Use the checkmark box back on the original page to check that you have read the terms and conditions, and please proceed through to your checkout as usual.